*Your deadline
*Audiotrack in wav
*50% advance payment
*Lyrics or text in doc/pdf
(Please, double check if your lyrics are complete and correct)
*Information/text to appear in the video
*Logo in high resolution, without background
*Artwork in high resolution in psd/tiff/ai/jpg – if possible, separated layers
*Font/Lettertype if you want one in particular
*An explanation of the lyrics or theme of the song/album is always very helpful
*Anything else (e.g. footage stock art) you had in mind


*We will contact you with the payment info for the 50% advance payment.
*You send us all summed up in the ‘What we need’-list.
*You will get 3 previews during the process:
1. – to check if the style/font/colors/etc. are good
2. – to check the whole song, if all is in place and has no mistakes (not Full HD)
3. – to see if all is perfect after modifications are done
This means you have 2 rounds for modifications.
*You pay the final 50% once the video is approved.
*Upon receiving the final payment we’ll send the Full HD version of the video.


Prices are excluding 21% VAT. VAT will not be charged if you…
1. are outside of the EU or 2: have a valid VAT-number within the EU.
Please contact us if you have any question about this.

50% deposit in advance/50% upon final delivery. Payments via Bank Transfer or PayPal (fee/add.costs are for you).